Form Follows Feeling, curated by Carmen Casiuc

Turning on its head the assertion of American architect Louis Sullivan to technical rationalism that defined the good design of 20th century, form follows feeling takes a conceptual approach to object-making which seeks to cover the gap between the internal experience of visceral or reflective emotions and constructive feelings. In a playful romance with the inanimate, the selection curated by Carmen Casiuc brings together artworks, limited artist editions and unique pieces of design which are all functional, but quite impractical or uncomfortable, decorative elements and things of a new kind. The authors blend elements from the modern world with an Arts and Crafts style, high-jacking the performativity of their objects in favor of a poetics of design that champions cultural and psychological enquiry within the objects. The sensual impressions, behavioral patterns and reflexive thoughts arising in the relationship with the objects provide us rich insights into profoundly human stories and what makes us “functional”.


Radu Abraham
Ana Adam
Smaranda Almasan
Stardust Architects
Mircea Cantor
De Ceramica
Victoria Finala
Teodor Graur
Mara Grigoriu
Peter Jecza
Ana Marchetanu
Lucian Rusu
Bogdan Rusu
Ioana Maria Sisea
Ceramic Sparrow
201 Design Studio
Maria Pop Timaru
Seen Users
Tactil util
Victoria Zidaru
Dispozitiv Books