How are you feeling today?

In respect of the moments we are living, we imagined 12 characters who live their lives inspired by Romanian design. At the same time, we are asking you to respond to the fundamental simple question “How are you feeling today?”

Behind the illustrative names given to this sets, the statement of this inspiring choices is the powerful tool of reinvention and beauty. Each set comes with a vision of pure harmony and stands for uniqueness, authenticity and the force of being brave in this times of crisis. 

Consisted out of the multiple visions and creative forces of Romanian designers, this unique sets are a proof of the bond between love and beauty, between present and a hope for a better future.

Each set is beautifully hand packed with love and care. We can deliver everyday to your love ones or make it your own set by buying it on By doing so, you are a believer in Romanian design and become an important supporter of Romanian artists.

Find the sets and their story here in our shop.

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